I know you hate it, but until black lives matter? Shit, 'All lives matter' is a false statement.

Wow is all I can say.

I mean, it's not but it's a really good place to start. Chris Webby and Jon Connor did an awesome job at leaving me speechless the first few times listening through so good job! 'Wild in the Streets' does an excellent job at pointing out what is going wrong with police brutality and political divisiveness in the United States of America. Powerful lines By Jon Connor include
I wasn't even a teen when I seen what happened to Rodney King...
My niece, Navaya, just turned eleven and now she seeing the same thing
Every day, feel like I'm supressin' my feelings
Like I've been sentenced to pay a penance to people who for some reason hate my existence
resonate throughout the listener regardless of their walk of life.

This song carries it's weight when it comes to delivering a message. There is profound speculation on the generation that is growing older and more distasteful of the climate that everyday people live in and they make sure to call out the higher-ups and people in power who have failed to do their part in rectifying social injustices before things escalated to this point. Chris Webby says Change gon' come, revolution has flowered
And grown through the cracks of the concrete street
Through the false info that been on TV...

and it's true. It's become more and more apparent that for whatever reason - whether ramifications of the current pandemic, growing irritation with the political administration or whatever brings you to the media - it is becoming harder and harder to get honest information. This isn't to discredit any specific media outlet, but it's impossible to ignore that to some degree or another fake news has become less of a joke and more of a hurdle for people.

Jon Connor and Chris Webby do an excellent job of getting in deep with whoever decides to listen to this new track they've put out. I could put all of my favorite parts of the song in here but then I would just end up copying the whole Genius page, so go ahead and give it a listen. Whether you are looking for an excellent song to add to your playlist or a new track to rile you up for a day of protesting give 'Wild in the Streets' by Chris Webby and Jon Connor, below.

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