The downfall of getting into audio engineering nowadays is that everyone is a self-proclaimed expert. The only thing you can really count on is yourself when it comes to making important decisions about your career. But that doesn't mean it's not important to have essential people by your side - people who know their way in and out of the industry and can get you in front of what we call gatekeepers.

If this sounds intimidating that's because it is. It isn't an impossible task to complete by yourself, and Nick Wyatt is a good resource to turn to when looking for that sort of advice. From providing constant inspiration for the day to day struggling artists to essential marketing advice. Articles like 3 Things Artists Should Do When Networking help explain the intricacies of promoting yourself as an artist and things to consider when deciding on what and who to market to. Wyatt also analyzes others' success, seeing what steps they took to climb to the top and replicating that for others.

It's important to find professionals who will invest in YOU with the understanding of your fan base, your goals, and where you are coming from. YOU are important to your marketing campaign, and not all professionals can easily identify what is most marketable about you. Wyatt makes it clear he doesn't have that issue through his insightful analyses of the industry. Nick Wyatt will invest in your future as much as you invest in his and more so - the funny thing about media men is that their success is tied to yours. Wyatt respects the hustle and the mentality of the independent and up n' coming artists. If you're looking for a dedicated and resourceful addition to your team, look no further than Nick Wyatt.

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