Scott Krokoff is like drinking a glass of water after five days in the Sahara Desert - utterly refreshing and surprising that someone else hasn't found this yet. It feels like only a matter of time before Krokoff has his chance to impress someone important.

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In the meantime, Scott Krokoff is here to impress the rest of us - with great ease, I might add (or so it seems). My first impressions were to shy away, I will be honest. I credit that to my millennialism with little shame - all hail the pepe. With a second listen to My Own Terms I was entranced by a few things though - more of an appreciation listen-through I could say at that point. I was pleasantly surprised at first by an excellent mix. Getting a chance to talk to Krokoff before putting this together I found that he has an outstanding collection of professionals who do an excellent job of creating a consistent and inviting library for fans and newcomers alike. Ask anyone whose been around in the industry longer than two years and they'll tell you the same thing - knowing who to hire is just as important as anything else.

Getting past the second listen through part brings me here. Obviously I didn't hate the music since I'm doing a staff pick. So what did I like? Inspiring lyrics and backstories do a good job of wrapping me into an artist. I think one of the most interesting parts of Krokoff's background is his career as a lawyer driving his inspiration to latch onto music. Krokoff does an excellent job of representing the manifestation spirit. In such an excellent manner as well - many eager beavers who are ready to finally start putting music out don't take the time to vet their own material. Going through Scott Krokoff's old music unveils that was never the case - from beginning to end there is always a professional element to his performances. I haven't had the pleasure of seeing him play live, but from what I can find on the internet his tickets are worth buying as well.

I think one of my favorite tracks from Scott is his song Something I'd Like to Know. It's empowering and insightful in the lyrics and a refreshing composition to top it off. Krokoff is creative and profound in his songwriting and captivating in his singing, creating excellent performances all around - my favorite just happens to be Something I'd Like to Know. Give his discography a spin and you'll find those keywords I've mentioned a few times - consistency and excellence. He does a fantastic job of creatively working his own style into his Americana style - hailing from New York, sidelining his dreams to pursue a sustainable career, and overcoming the boxed in lifestyle to chase dreams and goals. His songs do a good job reflecting this and more, giving the listener a glimpse into Korkoff's personal life and vulnerabilities. Elements of country and folk are mixed into his compositions creating a vessel for expressing these types of things.

Overall, Krokoff is something special in a saturated market. It's exciting to hear compelling music mixed in a classic way that inspires people to appreciate music once again for its components and execution instead of its use in clubs and commercials. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what comes from Scott Krokoff and his unique mind. It's nice to see that nothing really stands in the way of your ambitions so long as you are willing to work hard enough to see to it they are accomplished. Definitely watch this man's career with interest!

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