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About Us

So here we are - supposed to say a little something something about ourselves. Here at Can's Headphones, we don't really like to show boast but fortunately enough we're pretty good at humble bragging so we can give it a shot!

Can's Headphones started as a way to customize the way consumers shop online for headphones. However browsing around the shop it's not hard to see that, well, we don't have any headphones. That's for a good reason though! We don't offer headphones because our system isn't ready yet, and quite frankly, could take a couple more hands. Without giving away to much, we use a unique code and some interesting web tools to gather information about headphones while you, the consumer, to willingly provide us with some minimally invasive questions about your lifestyle. listening preferences, listening setup (including your ears), etc. Eventually we will give the members of Can's Headphones an opportunity to screen the questionnaire and even allow a select few members to help us beta test and market research our final draft. In the mean time, it is vaulted for protection. We aren't sure who will try and step into this direction before we get a chance to make our first steps, so we have to be careful about what we share. However, we are working very hard to deliver that part of our service to you, the members of Can's Headphones. 

Can's Headphones believes in the power of small business as well as the power of independent artists. It's not hard to tell that we are a fledgling business ourselves. In that spirit we fully intend to bring those we start with us as far as we can as we grow. Forums for independent artists now can be expected to become something bigger and better for independent artists in the future. Forums for music discussion and promotion will be developed into features for members in later days. Educational content that we create and entice others to involve themselves in will lead to opportunities for creates, teachers, and hopefully even those who pick up some skills along the way. Hell, even our social media platforms hopefully someday can be used with greater intent than...cringe posting and memeing. 

We have some better news though. In the meantime, while we work diligently to provide an amazing, almost utopian headphone purchasing experience, we would like to offer you some educational material and a place to share all your best editing, mixing, music, and overall general advice. At Can's Headphones we believe it takes village to raise a child and in the world of audio engineering anyone can be a child at any point. Imagine how engineers felt in the 70's when Neve came out with the first digital board - and now we are surrounded by technology that changes constantly. So we'd like to try and keep up with the changes and also provide some starting information as well, giving professionals and beginners both a place to come together. In turn hopefully this will lead to a cultivation of ideas and a sharing of information that doesn't happen unless someone spends hundreds of thousands at a university or in a private program. While we can't say that the information from those places isn't invaluable, it is hard to gain access to. While we develop the rest of our library we will keep these educational forums up to date with content we feel is ready to post. Knowledge is power and often times our greatest asset, so feel free to shop around when it comes to reading material in the Get Learnt section.  

We at Can's Headphones would like to create a wholesome community where people who like music and people who make a career of it can come to the same place and share their thoughts and ideas. In the climate of today's world it is hard to bring people together peacefully and we would like to give it a shot. If you have an interest in starting audio engineering than we got you. If you want to come by and find a new equalizing method to keep the bass drums punchy in your outdoor mixes we got you. If you want a devil's advocate for whether or not Eminem deserves his place in Rap History...well touchy subject but this is the internet so whose to say. Whatever instrument you play, whatever band you mix for, whatever label you represent...join us here. We can't wait to meet you and hear what you have to say!