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Get In Touch

Need to get in touch? Got something you want to get off your chest? Mother in law got you down? Let us know here! Otherwise, you can reach out to us at any of our social media outlets.

Instagram: @cansheadphonesfr

Twitter: @canycanscancans

Facebook: Can's Headphones

*If you are here submitting music for Can's Headphones read on below*

If you are submitting for review please place *REVIEW* as a header in the Message box.

  • Songs that are the easiest to pull up and review get reviewed first. Spotify links are the best for live reviews, so please send Spotify links first. If you HAVE TO send send anything other than that, YouTube or Soundcloud is the only other alternative for now. 
  • Live Review means that this is a "first impression" style intake. There may be criticism, there may be "hella hype". The ultimate goal in these reviews is to give crucial and constructive criticism that will help develop the artist and their producing abilities (or whoever is producing for them). We try to be through to give you the best feedback as possible, so take this lightly and know we mean the best. 
  • Live Review schedule is in the air right now, but at least 2 a month is the goal, 15 artists each. This means that there is the potential to create a massive back-up. It's important you follow these instructions to a tea to make sure you end up in the queue. 


 If you are submitting for promotion please place *PROMO* as a header in the Message box.

  1. In the message box, please tell us a little about your self as well as what you are planning to achieve. ( i.e. Are you releasing a single? Are you doing PR in your hometown for a launch? Trying to promote a tour? etc.) Currently we are not charging for any type of promotional services. Compile all of your works and submissions for any public relations you are advertising into a Google Drive or Dropbox. Please only submit Google Drive links or Dropbox links. All other types of file hosting will be disregarded when downloading submissions.
  2. Your submission should contain at least FOUR things:
  • Your song in a .wav or .flac file format
  • A Complete Press Release (if we have to make one for you a draft will be necessary)
  • At least 1 photo of you/your band/your brand - PREFERABLY NOT A LOGO. If you are going to send a logo over please include a picture 
  • A dossier of all your important streaming links, social media handles, BandCamp pages, etc.

3. There is no guarantee that you will be selected for promotion assistance - but it never hurts to try. The service being free means there is a potential for a backup of initial correspondence. We may take a little while to get back to you. Also now that while we may not charge you any fees currently for our promotional efforts, there may be costs that come up along the way. There are fees to put Press Releases in news rooms; there are fees associated with sponsored posting or paying to advertise, so keep that in mind. 

4. Of course, as always, we will work our hardest to create the biggest impact for your brand! If you end up thinking we did more good than bad (or at least didn't scratch the paint up to bad) feel free to send some love via the Paypal link below: